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Innovative SME is a public recognition of the efforts carried out by SME’s, like BlueNewables, to keep themselves on the cutting edge of the innovation on its field.

The requirements to become innovative SME” are, amongst others, having received funding from CDTI and/or H2020 program from the European Commission.  We have been heavily supported by national and European funds during 2020.

We can proudly say that our ideas and innovations have a tractor effect  promoting other companies and researching institutions who teamed up with BlueNewables to collaboratively research on blue-innovations.

BlueNewables is also contributing with its innovative approach and know-how on the private sector. Remarkable is our role on the argo project developed by Acciona Construcción whose Gravity Base Foundations will hopefully reach the market soon.

“Innovation is on the identity and foundational roots of BlueNewables. After two years of hard work we have achieved several milestones on our roadmap to bring our ideas to the Blue Economy. We would like to express our gratitude to the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation to backup our growth” Bernardino Couñago, Managing Director said.

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