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Meet Our Team

BlueNewables is a team of highly skilled individuals, providing services and developing technologies on the blue economy, united because of our commitment with a sustainable growth and our passion for the oceans.

Bernardino Couñago

Managing Director

Ismael Fernández

Operations Manager

Óscar Sainz Avila

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Sergio Hernández

Lead Hydrodynamic Engineer

Cecilio Barahona Oviedo

Business Development Manager

Fernando Vigara

Lead Structural Engineer

Jesús Angulo

Lead Energy Yield

Alfonso López Loureiro

Project Execution Director

Nicolás Tomey-Bozo

Sr. Offshore Engineer

Diego García

Offshore Project Engineer

Clara García Sanz

Offshore Project Engineer

Ángel Yague

Offshore Project Engineer

Belén Vallino

Lead Offshore Transport & Installation Engineer

Fernando Conde Cáceres

Offshore Project Engineer

María José López

Offshore Project Engineer

Stefanos Masalas

Wind Turbine Loads and Control Engineer

Pere Frontera

Wind Turbine Loads and Control Engineer

Alba Moreta

Marketing Manager

BN blog

18 de enero de 2024

1MW PV-bos Hits Milestones in Valencia: Design Optimized, Suppliers on Board, Construction Set for 2024

Our floating solar demonstration project is moving forward. The 1MW PV-bos project in Valencia harbour is reaching its first milestones. 📝 👩🏼‍💻 The design optimization for Valencia sea conditions is finished. The main outcome is…
8 de noviembre de 2023

BlueNewables was awarded with RENMARINAS

IDAE. Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía is presenting today on 2nd Offshore Wind Conference in the Canary Islands, the results of the R&D program RENMARINAS DEMOS ,…
20 de octubre de 2023

BlueNewables hosted the ‘KSEI Spain-Korea FWOT 25 MW experts event’

Last wednesday, BlueNewables hosted the "KSEI Spain-Korea FOWT 25 MW Experts Event" at the ETSI Navales de la UPM Simulation Room, as part of KSEI project funded by CDTI Innovación - Centro para el Desarrollo…