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Throughout June 2020, the team composed by Acciona (SP), DTU (DK), Centec (POR) and BlueNewables (SP), finalised the scaled tests of the WIND-bos spar platform developed by BlueNewables.  The tank testing campaign was carried out in Oceanide BGO testing house in France, as part of MARINET2 project, funded by the European Commission.

The results were really promising, demonstrating full alignment with the numerical calculations. Thus, the model has accurately replicated stability parameters, natural periods and provided valuable information about hydrodynamic damping, both with and without the presence of the “damping plates” designed by BlueNewables.

The main outcomes and findings show an unrivalled response of the floater under extreme and operating seastates, hence,  positioning the WIND-bos as an optimum solution for the blooming floating wind sector.

Next steps comprise the calibration of numerical models and subsequent validation of tank tests results. The Portuguese and Danish researching institutions, CENTEC and DTU, are contributing with their experience performing fully coupled aero-hydro-servo-elastic models in FAST and HAWC2 respectively.

Our industrial partner, Acciona, is witnessing the progression of this project as part of their global strategy, scanning the floater´s market, benchmarking solutions and establishing future collaborations with technology developers.

This project is part of BlueNewables’ roadmap to develop innovative technologies for the marine renewable energy sector. Within a few months, the WIND-bos will be ready to reach the next level on our commercialisation strategy. Those investors and/or companies interested in the floating wind sector will find a robust, versatile, and inexpensive solution ready to tackle the upcoming challenges of the floating wind sector.

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