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As technology developers we bring our own ideas to the floating wind and solar market


Concrete Tension Leg Platform – BlueNewables Offshore Solutions

CT-bos technology will provide an easily adaptable solution for several turbine sizes, easy to scale up whilst keeping small increase on size and cost, thanks to its simple geometry based on a concrete port caisson.

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Concrete Semi-submersible – BlueNewables Offshore Solutions

S-bos technology will provide a highly developed solution that will significantly contribute to considerably reduce the manufacturing costs of deep offshore wind.

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Evolved SPAR – BlueNewables Offshore Solutions

WIND-bos technology (evolved SPAR) is a disruptive concept designed to support the next generation of offshore wind turbines (+20MW).

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Gravity Base Structure (GBS) – BlueNewables Offshore Solutions

The G-bos technology is a concrete foundation type GBS (Gravity Base Structure) made of concrete and prepared to support +15MW offshore wind turbines. The technology allows the integrated transport of the wind turbine, behaving like a semisubmersible platform. Once reached the installation site, the GBS is supported on the seabed by means of a ballasting process that does not require large installation vessels.

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PhotoVoltaic – BlueNewables Offshore Solutions

PV-bos technology is a disruptive solution that will provide the market with a structure capable of offering a competitive offshore PV-solution.

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– Innovating beyond shore 
– Innovating beyond shore 
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