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BN-Acciona technology handover agreement

BlueNewables has achieved an important milestone in its role as a technology developer in the blue economy. Two of our technologies (TLP, CT-bos and the semi-submersible, S-bos) have been selected by Acciona Construction, becoming part of its portfolio of foundations and platforms for offshore wind.

The agreement with Acciona Construction reinforces our commitment to the development of floating offshore wind.

BlueNewables thus upholds its position in the market as a multi-technology offshore developer, facilitating the entry of major players in the sector.

This achievement encourages us to continue the development of the ‘bos: Bluenewables Offshore Solutions’ family of technologies initiated in 2019. The remaining bos technologies include devices aimed at fixed and floating wind, as well as floating solar offshore and various hybridisations of these technologies with other sustainable energy sources.

If you are a company interested in participating in the offshore renewable business and want to know more about our technologies still available or, otherwise, you have your own ideas and need a reliable partner to develop them, do not hesitate to contact us.

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